The Accessible Information Standard aims to ensure that NHS organisations are making health and social care information accessible.  From 1 August 2016, all organisations that provide NHS care and/or publicly-funded adult social care are legally required to follow the Accessible Information Standard.  The standard sets out a specific, consistent approach to identifying, recording, flagging, sharing and meeting the information and communication support needs of patients, service users, carers and parents with a disability, impairment or sensory loss.

The ICB has a legal and moral responsibility under the Equality Act 2010 to provide any of its documents, leaflets, electronic resources etc in an alternative format if requested. Currently we try to ensure our materials are written in ‘plain English’, but there is more we can do to ensure our approach is equitable and our materials are accessible to all.

NHS England have also worked with the charity Sense to develop an animated video which provides a step-by-step overview of the Standard. The video (shown below) includes subtitles and BSL interpretation.

We regularly review our website to make sure it's accessible for everyone. More information about how we make sure it's accessible is within our accessibility statement.

If you would like to receive material from the Herefordshire and Worcestershire ICB website or our key publications in another format – such as audio, Clear Information, Easy Read, British Sign Language, interpreter services, large print, or Braille – please contact the Communications Team via e-mail at